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Multiple Births

Between 40 – 65 % in twin and 80-95% of triplet pregnancies will end with a Preterm Birth. Multiple pregnancies also carry a substantially increased risk of a variety of problems for both the woman and the babies, for example, maternal hypertension (high blood pressure) and poor baby growth. Several of these problems can be treated, and this can have important benefits for the woman and their babies. Why the risks of preterm birth are so high in multiple pregnancies is not really know

The Australian Multiple Birth Association is a support group set up to support families expecting or who have twins, triplets, Quadruplets or more. Families who have experienced multiple births give support. They have groups in many areas of Australia. Their website is

The primary aim of PIPA is to provide practical and emotional support to the parents and families of premature infants. However we do not offer professional advice. We are parents of preterm baby’s and not medical staff. We do offer understanding, support, encouragement and friendship.

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