Ongoing Support

PIPA offers several forms of on-going support for the families of Premature Babies.

On-going Telephone support
This is always available for Parents. Sometimes after the baby has been discharged from the hospital, Parents may wish to speak to others who have been in a similar situation, or whose child has experienced the same problems. This can be especially important for regional families who may be isolated from hospitals or healthcare facilities. A listing of local and regional telephone contacts are available in the PIPA newsletter.

Our online community –

The PIPA newsletter is often a most common form of contact with Parents. Our newsletter contains excellent parent stories and information on such topics as breastfeeding, growth & development, massage, physiotherapy and lots more. Our newsletter is published every two months

A package of information sheets that highlight important issues, concerning Prems and their ongoing health and development.

This package contains five fact sheets for

  • Parents
  • Family & Friends
  • General
  • Practitioners
  • Child Health Nurses
  • Child Care Workers

PIPA has an extensive borrowing library which contains many excellent books and resources for further reading.


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