Jonathan’s Story

25 weeks gestation
756 gms

I was living in remote Tennant Creek, NT, and had what I thought was an ongoing period. An ultrasound confirmed I was pregnant but nothing was answered regarding the bleeding. At approx. 16 weeks a placental abruption was diagnosed and a 1 in 30 chance my baby would have spina bifida. I read in books that a placental abruption meant, “death of the infant is inevitable”. Around 22 weeks I went into labour and was given steroids. My baby held on till 25 weeks where he was born at Townsville Hospital naturally on the 12 October 2003.

Jonathan was rushed to the NICU after letting out a cry and weighing only 756 grams. I was told he had a 20-30% chance of survival. Jonathan had it all – long term ventilation (6 weeks), C-Pap, drugs, PDA, iron & sugar deficiencies, high amounts of oxygen, blood transfusions, infection, resuscitations, Grade 2 head bleed. I was told one he was transferred to SCBU that he was ‘a graduate who had been through it all’.

In SCBU he was place on sub-nasal oxygen and started to gain weight slowly. After new years 2004 he was transferred to Nambour SCBU and was discharged on 17 January 2004 (exactly 15 weeks after he was born) on sub-nasal oxygen weighing 2360grams. I expressed milk for Jonathan his entire hospitalization but have had trouble breastfeeding him as his suck is not strong enough so am now sadly bottle feeding him.

He has been home now for 5 weeks and now weighs over 300grams and is getting bigger every day. People in the street still think he is a newborn but really he is 20 weeks old or corrected age of 5 weeks.

I am proud of my beautiful little boy. He has been to the edge and back many times but is now here with me. To finally get him home was like a dream come true.

I would like to thank the Townsville General Hospital and Nambour General Hospital for their support and amazing care of Jonathan.