About PIPA

The Preterm Infants’ Parents’ Association (PIPA) was formed in Brisbane in 1980 with the goal of offering support to the families of premature babies.

The primary aim of the Association is to provide practical and emotional support to the parents and families:

  •  of infants in Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Special Care Nurseries (SCN);
  • who are awaiting the arrival of an anticipated premature infant;
  • who might experience the death of an infant who has been in ICU or SCN;
  • whose children may be discharged from ICU/SCN with ongoing health problems.

In 2000 (in Queensland), 3876 babies were born pre-term. The difference between normal births and premature births is that there are much more stresses involved. Parents and families of premature infants may experience an enormous amount of emotional trauma, stress and grief and often need to cope with on-going health concerns and problems with their children. Additionally, the mother can have health complications, there is extra stress on the father and the mother is usually discharged from hospital while the baby must stay for an extended length of time. Consequently, there is often anger, sadness and isolation.

PIPA offers a range of support services to assist these families, including:

  • hospital visits (Royal Women’s, Mater, Caboolture, Gold Coast, Toowoomba);
  • ongoing support by telephone and wherever possible face-to-face follow-up;
  • coffee mornings/annual family picnic;
  • buddy support network
  • information on premmie playgroups
  • a network of regional and country contacts;
  • a library of relevant literature, audio and video cassettes;
  • bi-monthly newsletters;
  • an Information Kit containing a number of information sheets highlighting important issues related to the health & development of premature children.
  • Premature baby burial gowns supplied to hospitals and parents (joint activity with the Queensland
    Smocking Guild)

PIPA is an organisation of volunteers, all of whom are parents of premature babies. This helps us to understand the problems, issues and joys which other parents may experience. PIPA does not offer professional advice. Rather, we offer understanding, support, encouragement and friendship.

The primary aim of PIPA is to provide practical and emotional support to the parents and families of premature infants. However, we do not offer professional advice. We are parents of preterm baby’s and not medical staff. We do offer understanding, support, encouragement and friendship.

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